Album out 13th September

The past 9 months I’ve been a very busy musician. The past year has been absolutely amazing and one I am so blessed for. ❣🙏🏻

On the 9th of November last year I started recording my own debut album with Paul Casey at his Cable Junction Recording Studio. What a journey! Endless cups of Lavazza Coffee, banter, craic, fun, fancy guitar licks, big TOM’s from Liam Bradley, slick big boy piano chords from John McCullough, beautiful backing vocal and harmonies by Eilidh Patterson, and a few vocal takes from me😂!

And 💥 Boom!

“Bright Lights On Broadway” 🎭 was born!

It took a long 9 months, 4 musicians, 2 vocalists, 1 amazing studio and its creator to produce, mix and master this album.🎼🎸

I am so so proud of this album! I’ve poured my heart and soul into it, and each of the 11 song is an experience and a story. Like I said before, as songwriters we give a little of ourselves and put it out on the line for others to relate to and embrace. If your a musician you’ll relate to this.🕺🏼

This evening my final mix came back and I’m completely blown away by the hard work put in by Paul to get this over the line. I can’t wait to share these songs with you all. There is really a song for everyone on this album. From “Bright Lights On Broadway” 🎭 for my daughter Lucy, “We’ve Got This Love” for Eilis McWilliams and Paudie Mc Williams, and “Stuck On Loving You” for Janice 💙

On Thursday the 16th of August sees the release of “Since You’re Not Around”, a song for my brother Alex who lost his life by suicide in 2005. The video filmed by Sessions in the house will also be available to watch, and its this great work by Donna Murray and Joseph Murray that I’m so proud of. Thanks for the filming and editing, as well as the wonderful artwork by Donna for the CD duplication at Novatech in Mallusk.✌🏻

Next week is a very jam packed one! Cd’s go into production, launch of “Since You’re Not Around” with all proceeds going to S.T.E.P.S. and Cycle Against Suicide, a couple of live videos, as well as a couple of weddings and gigs, and then prep for Nashville.💙

But like I’ve said before
“Do what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always got and you’ll end up feeling like you’ve always felt!”🤟🏻

Be the change you deserve! ❣️

Cheers beautiful people for letting me share this with you and I am forever grateful for all your love and support. 💙🙏🏻🎼🎸🕺🏼💪🏼

Chat soon

Jb”,) 🤓

Nashville Here I Come!

This day Two weeks I’ll be in Nashville Tennessee, in Southern Ground Nashville recording an original song! 🙏🏻🎼

Zac Brown Band own this studio and I’ve been looking forward to this for months.🎸

Southern Ground has seen the Foo Fighters, Emmylou Harris, Blake Shelton, Neil Young, Eric Clapton and many more record songs here. It’s steeped in musical history and actually one of the reasons I’ve wanted to record here is because of Dave Grohl’s documentary Sonic Highways.👌🏻

One of the amazing events I have to look forward to.💙

Jb”,) 🤓